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The Middlemiss Study Tells Us Nothing About Sleep Training, Cry-It-Out, or Infant Stress

Last week, I wrote a post about sleep training and stress, in which I argued that everything we know about stress suggests that sleep training is not harmful. In response, many people objected that sleep trained babies continue to experience elevated cortisol and significant distress, even … Continue reading

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Back Sleeping During Pregnancy and the Sydney Stillbirth Study

Pregnancy can be cruel. When you’re at your most swollen, bloated, and exhausted, sleep proves frustratingly elusive. Every night, you toss and turn, trying to find a comfortable position, your back aching, and your belly pressing down on your bladder. Just as you finally … Continue reading

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Bedsharing and SIDS: Why I Chose to Bedshare with My Second Child

How risky is bedsharing with your child? And if you choose to bedshare, how can you do so as safely as possible? Continue reading

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Let’s Face It: Formula-Fed Babies Sleep Better On Average

Breastfed babies tend to arouse from sleep more easily and sleep for shorter periods of time. Nearly all babies who sleep through the night by 3 months are formula-fed. Continue reading

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